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Omegas, Immunity, and More: Why Men’s Health Matters

Omegas, Immunity, and More: Why Men’s Health Matters

It’s no secret that the past year has been equal parts stressful, strange, and unlike any other. Our routines, comforts, and work-life balance have all been disrupted, making it more challenging to be resilient and ride the waves of ups and downs.

That’s why it’s extra important that we take care of our health — and that extends to the family and community we surround ourselves with, too. With June marking both Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day (June 20!), it’s a great time to give the dads, grandfathers, uncles, and father figures in your lives some extra love. They’re not always the first ones to practice self-care, but with your help, you can encourage them to embrace a wellness routine that works for them. 

Check out these ideas:

Exercise Together 

He might like running, biking, yoga, or tennis. Or maybe he considers gardening his go-to workout. Whatever his preference, join him for some time outdoors. Studies have shown that spending just 2 hours per week in nature has been linked to better health and well-being. So lace up, grab the gardening rake, or set out the yoga mat in the backyard — it’s time to connect outdoors.

Collaborate in the Kitchen

This is a great way to practice teamwork and give him a nudge on nutrition. Pick out a health-boosting recipe that’s packed with vegetables, lean protein, fiber-rich whole grains, and herbs to make a filling, nourishing meal for friends or family.

Select Superior Supplements

Options abound, but when it comes to picking specific supplements to maximize your guy’s wellness routine, we recommend starting with four foundational formulas:

For prostate protection: Our Saw Palmetto extract contains 85-95% fatty acids and beneficial plant sterols for powerful herbal support to promote prostate gland function and structure. Plus, it’s extracted using the high efficiency-low footprint supercritical carbon dioxide method, leaving just 0.2% of solvent residues to optimize safety.

For heart health: Our Purified & Clear Omega-3 Fish Oil is loaded with a minimum of 800 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA per serving — we call them Very Important Fatty Acids — to support cardiovascular function, plus eye, brain, and joint health. 

For better sleep & less stress: To help him manage those physical and mental stressors — from a tough workout to a hectic day at work — Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium promotes restful sleep and helps relax muscles. And with our special chelated magnesium formula, his body can absorb the benefits six times faster than other forms of magnesium.

For overall immunity: Tropical fruit treat on the outside, nourishing immune boost on the inside. Our Vitamin D3 provides 2,000 IU per serving to support his bones, teeth, heart, and overall immunity — perfect for protecting him during those road trips, family BBQs, and other summer fun.

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