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Doctor’s Best Announces Release of High Absorption Zinc Bisglycinate

Doctor’s Best Announces Release of High Absorption Zinc Bisglycinate

New product acts as powerful antioxidant and provides greater absorption than other forms of zinc

IRVINE, CA (January 4, 2021) — Today, Doctor’s Best, Inc., a trusted leader in the nutritional supplement industry, announced the release of its latest product, High Absorption Zinc Bisglycinate, a well-tolerated and highly bioavailable form of zinc specially chelated, or chemically combined with amino acids, to ensure maximum absorption. 

Zinc cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained through diet and supplements. Doctor’s Best High Absorption Zinc Bisglycinate provides 1.4x greater absorption than other forms of zinc and delivers a high potency dose to support healthy immune function.

“Our immune systems can always use a helping hand,” says Gale Bensussen, CEO at Doctor’s Best, Inc. “We strive to provide supplements that are not only potent and effective, but that are also backed by the latest nutritional research. Our hope is that this new offering will serve our customers well for many years to come.” 

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Zinc Bisglycinate is innovative in its design—it has been specially formulated to keep it from interfering with the absorption of other minerals, making it a perfect candidate for health seekers with multiple goals. In particular, this product pairs well with Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Chelated, a supplement that plays many roles in the body, primary benefits being calmed nerves, more restful sleep and reduced insomnia. Together, these two supplements can alleviate fatigue and allow the body to grow, develop and maintain itself.  

Each Doctor’s Best’s High Absorption Zinc Bisglycinate veggie capsule delivers 50 mg of zinc per serving. This product is gluten and soy free, Non-GMO and vegan making it appealing to a wide customer base. It is available direct-to-consumer in 90-count bottles on Amazon

This new product has been made possible, in part, by trusted partner Albion Minerals, Inc  supplier of the branded ingredient Albion TRAACS®. For more information on Doctor’s Best High Absorption Zinc Bisglycinate, please visit Doctor's Best Zinc.

About Doctor’s Best

Doctor’s Best was founded by a physician in 1990. His original idea was to create nutritional supplements rooted in research. Now, more than 30 years later, that idea continues to drive all that’s done at Doctor’s Best. From sourcing top-quality ingredients to working with the best manufacturers in the business, we take a science-based approach to nutrition that sets us apart. We work together to create products you and your family can trust with your most valuable asset, your health. We believe transparency is key to fostering a healthy relationship with our customers and openly disclose how our products are made and who we work with to make them. To learn more about the full line of products, visit