Doctor’s Best Introduces Betaine HCl Pepsin Gentian Bitters 360C

Supports the Efficiency of the Digestive Process*

Available in 360 Capsule Size


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., –– Doctor's Best has introduced Betaine HCl Pepsin & Gentian Bitters into its dietary supplement line. Scott Steinford, president of Doctor's Best, made the announcement. This product is available in 360 gelatin capsules, each supplying 650 mg of Betaine HCl, along with the digestive enzyme Pepsin and bitters from Gentian root, all of which are designed to support healthy digestive function.


Betaine HCl Pepsin & Gentian Bitters contains three nutritional factors that perform complementary functions designed to support the efficiency of the digestive process. Research suggests that the efficiency of stomach acid production may be altered with the ageing process.  Supplementing with Betaine HCl may support the stomach’s digestive capacity. Pepsin is an enzyme produced by the body to digest protein-containing foods in the stomach. Pepsin works in conjunction with stomach acid to support protein digestion. Gentian is an herb used traditionally in many cultures to optimize digestive capacity and tonify the digestive tract. Its bitter nature may help to stimulate the body’s production of digestive enzymes.


The basis for this new formulation by Doctor’s Best is the fact that as people age, they tend to need support to maintain the optimal function of their digestive systems. Betaine HCl and Pepsin are two factors that supplement the compounds produced naturally in our stomachs to begin the process of digesting food. The addition of Gentian serves to stimulate the natural production of the body’s pancreatic digestive enzymes. For enhanced support of digestive function, this product can be used in conjunction with Best Digestive Enzymes – All Vegetarian, a uniquely formulated, complete digestive enzyme supplement.


Founded in 1990 by supplement industry veteran Ken Halvorsrude, San Clemente-based Doctor's Best, Inc., manufactures and distributes dietary supplements throughout the U.S. and internationally. Doctor's Best is known for a broad line of premium products that are scientifically based on sound research and manufactured utilizing proven quality ingredients. For more information, please contact Doctor's Best at (800) 333-6977.


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