Doctor’s Best Introduces Fast Acting Arginine Complex with Nitrosigine®

Giving consumers science-based nutrition solutions for health and performance benefits

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – August 10, 2015 – Doctor’s Best is introducing Fast Acting Arginine Complex with Nitrosigine® to its dietary supplement line.  This new supplement demonstrates the brand’s continued expansion into this fast growing market to help consumers seeking clinically proven solutions meet their fitness ambitions.   Nitrosigine® is superior to L-Arginine in elevating blood flow markers.

Clinical trials have shown that oral arginine supplementation contributes to enhanced exercise tolerance because of its ability to enhance cardiac circulation and vasodilation of blood vessels. Fast Acting Arginine Complex, a gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan supplement, contains Nitrosigine®, which nearly doubles maximum blood flow when compared with regular arginine.

Enhanced blood flow during and after exercise may help with muscle growth and recovery. Nitrosigine® significantly boosts nitric oxide (NO) levels, a key factor in increasing blood flow, as well as enhancing blood proteins related to vasodilation and heart health.

“More consumers beyond hardcore athletes are seeking ways to maximize their performance,” stated Gale Bensussen, CEO, Doctor’s Best.  “Fast Acting Arginine Complex with Nitrosigine® is an exciting addition to our line of sports nutrition products that provide the benefits of science-based nutrition for our customers.”

Available for sale in October 2015, the new product is engineered to take effect in as quickly as 30 minutes, and keeps delivering benefits through an entire workout, for up to 3 hours – after just a single dose.

San Clemente-based Doctor’s Best, Inc., manufactures and distributes dietary supplements.  Doctor’s Best is known for a broad line of premium products that are scientifically based on sound research and manufactured utilizing proven quality ingredients.