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6 Tips to Help You Drink the Water You Need

6 Tips to Help You Drink the Water You Need: Easy Solutions to Help You

When it comes to our health, drinking water is one of the most important things we can do. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water and it is an essential component for cellular homeostasis and for life. When it comes to our health, water is important for:

Hydrating the body. Without proper hydration our body to become off balance. Drinking water helps us to think clearly and gives us the energy we need to function at our best.

It regulates body temperature. It allows us to sweat when we are hot and cools the body down as it evaporates.

It flushes waste from the body. Water keeps our systems running smoothly and flushes toxins and other waste from the body.

It helps our bodies digestion. Our digestive system needs water to work properly. Without it, our stomachs can become overly acidic and increase the risk of related health issues .

It’s clear that we need water to function properly, but there are still a lot of questions concerning how much we need to be drinking. Unfortunately, the answer to that all-important question isn’t so clear. The reason is because as humans, we are different shapes and sizes and each of us has individual needs.

Of course, the guidelines that experts recommend is to drink half of your body weight in ounces. If you have trouble reaching your goal, you’re not alone. Many of us start with the best intentions yet fall short day after day. 

So, what can we do to ensure we reach our goal? Here are 6 tips on how you can drink more water throughout your day.

1. Try an app. There are a variety of great free apps to track your water intake. Use them to help you to stay on track by using their alarm feature and track every 8 or 16 ounces you drink.

2. Get a cool water bottle. Just having a fun water bottle that allows for half of what you need can help to keep track of and mindful about sipping throughout the day.

3. Enjoy water-packed foods. Adding watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, and grapefruit to your daily meal plan can help you to get more water without gulping it down.

4. Keep track of time. Figure out how much you need and set a goal of drinking 8 ounces every hour until you’ve reached your goal.

5. Use reusable straws. Drinking out of a straw can help you to drink faster. It’s one of the secrets that so many of us use to get what we need.

6. Ditch the soda and replace it with sparkling water or fruit infused water. Flavored water can help to beat boredom so choosing no-calorie flavored Selzer or add a slice of orange, lemon, lime or some berries to your water makes it a refreshing alternative to regular tap or bottled water.

Despite our best intentions, it’s not always easy to stay on track with drinking the water we need each day. These are the things that help me to stay on track, and hopefully, they can help you too.


Maria Pease 

Health & Wellness Writer Bio

Maria Pease is a freelance health & wellness content writer based in Southport, North Carolina. She has written about health & wellness for more than twenty-five years and has partnered with a variety of companies doing the most amazing work. She loves being able to write about health topics that can change lives for the better.