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An All-Inclusive Formula for your Prostate Health and Well-Being

An All-Inclusive Formula for your Prostate Health and Well-Being

Beginning at about age 25, men will undergo a slow growing process of their prostate. By the time they reach their 60’s, over one-half of them will have enlarged prostate. This natural biological development is not without consequences on men’s lifestyle and health. Indeed, as a man, if you find yourself having to make frequent bathroom visits at night, difficulty to control your urine flow and dribbling after you urinate, then you may experience the first symptoms of enlarged prostate. For many, these signs which usually last many years, can affect their active lifestyle and even change their social behavior.

So, what is the male population doing to alleviate these symptoms?

Over the past 20 years, the use of complementary and alternative therapies has become the number one choice in Europe. In the United States, 40% of men are opting for the use of vitamins, various nutrients and herbal supplements alone or in conjunction with medicinal drugs. Due to the explosion of the use of phytotherapeutic compounds, research in this field has been done to understand their mechanism of action, safety and efficiency in managing these lower urinary tract symptoms.1

What kind of dietary supplements are available to you for supporting a healthy prostate?

Saw palmetto, African pygeum bark and Nettle root extracts are the staple herb supplements for prostate health. They have been used for centuries in folk medicine to support male reproductive functions and overall prostate health. These three herbs have different mechanism of actions but work synergistically to support your prostate.1-5 Research has shown the benefit of taking lycopene, a potent antioxidant phytochemical, in managing prostate health.6 Other studies have highlighted the beneficial actions of certain vitamins and nutrients that have powerful antioxidant activities which are keys to promoting a healthy prostate and overall well-being. Among the important nutrients that may have a key role in prostate health are vitamin D3 and B6, trace elements such as zinc, selenium, and copper, and phytosterols such as CardioAidTM which has positive effects on urine flow and prostate health.7-11

Doctor’s Best Comprehensive Prostate Formula will provide you with the utmost combination of potent ingredients to help you manage the symptoms of enlarged prostate and maintain your high quality of life for many years to come.