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Enhance Your Workout with This Fitness Supplement

Enhance Your Workout With This Absolute Fitness Dietary Supplement.1,2

Whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, you need enough energy to reach your athletic performance goals throughout your workout. Unfortunately, like many people, you often experience fatigue before you even reach the end of your workout. One way to get around this, is to use a Pure L-Ornithine Powder supplement, a sports nutrition supplement that may enhance your athletic performance by lowering exercise-induced muscle fatigue and supporting physical endurance. Pure L-Ornithine Powder from Doctor’s Best provides you with the highest quality of L-Ornithine on the market!

What is L-Ornithine and why do you need it?

While L-Ornithine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and found in small quantities in protein-rich foods like meat, fish, and eggs, the amount produced internally and from protein-rich foods is usually not enough to meet the body’s demands during intense and prolonged workouts. And here’s why: Based on many sports medicine studies, ammonia, a nitrogen-containing compound, has a negative effect on muscle performance and even small amounts can damage the nervous system. Prolonged and intense exercise can lead to excess levels of ammonia in the body, affecting the muscle’s ability to function effectively and subsequently causing muscle fatigue and hindering athletic performance.

Additional benefits of L-Ornithine

In the body, the urea cycle (a cycle of biochemical reactions that produces urea from ammonia) is vital in preventing an ammonia increase. L-Ornithine has been found to play a key role in this biological cycle. In fact, L-Ornithine is scientifically known to be involved in the removal of ammonia from the body. High levels of L-Ornithine allow the urea cycle to proceed more rapidly and decrease ammonia.

Doctor’s Best Pure L-Ornithine Powder is a top-notch product that provides you with the best raw ingredients with no impure additives and is free of excipients that can interfere with the bioavailability of L-Ornithine. It is an excellent source of a pure, high quality L-Ornithine for your workout!

Supplementing your diet with Doctor’s Best Pure L-Ornithine Powder is the right move for you to counteract the physical fatigue induced during exercise. With L-Ornithine, you may be able to feel less fatigue, perform effectively, and reach your athletic goals while enjoying your exercise from the beginning to end.




Kimxa Stark, Pharma.D.

Dr. Stark graduated from the French School of Pharmacy of Paris in 2002. Her career has included experiences in the community and hospital settings. Dr. Stark has worked closely with many patients and doctors to help aid them with all their medical and nutritional needs. Although her pharmacy school training has taught her that pharmaceutical medications can save lives, Dr. Stark also believes in promoting wellness through the use of natural and holistic remedies.

Her philosophy is: "Do no harm and start with the least harmful treatment and go up from there.”