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Fully Active B Complex


All chronic illnesses in some way deal with fatigue and we know how tempting it can be to grab a caffeinated drink or even something more extreme like 5 Hour Energy or Red Bull that promises to shake that tired feeling. All of these energy drinks try to appeal to us by saying they include B vitamins that will help boost your energy level, but the few drinks that actually have B vitamins in them also contain caffeine, sugar, and/or tons of artificial chemicals. These sugary, caffeinated drinks may temporarily provide energy, but they will also cause you to majorly crash a few hours later. Basically, many will increase your caloric intake while providing no nutritional value (no thank you). 

Instead of consuming an energy drink that contains at the most, a diluted form of your needed Bs, why not take straight B vitamins and cut out all the excess & junk?

A product that we love is Doctor's Best Fully Active B complex. It contains : Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin & Pantothenic acid. The fact that it's active is really important when looking for a B vitamin because you will assimilate it much better than your regular nonactivated Bs. 


KATE: Before I switched over to Doctor's Best Fully Active B Complex I used to take a sublingual B12 that I heard worked very well. I took the recommend dosage but I wasn't feeling any effects from it. I talked to my Dr. and learned that not everybody absorbs B properly (including myself) & that I should take B's that are already in their active form (lightbulb moment). Now I notice a HUGE difference from taking my Bs. My fatigue & energy levels alway feel better with this vitamin in me vs. the days I forget my dosage. 


B vitamins are important to take because your body doesn't produce Bs, it's something you get from your diet or in pill form only and they do a LOT of important things, such as:


•     provide natural energy for your body and even helps coping with stress


•     Create new red blood cells


•     Key component in creating hemoglobin, which combats fatigue


•     Supports proper function of the brain


EM: I always feel like I'm on top of my game whenever I remember to take vitamins, which I'm admittedly not great at. But I try to make a concentrated effort to take my B's because I know how important they are. 


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