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Have You Heard of Elderberry?

Have You Heard of Elderberry? What It Is and How Your Health Can Benefit from It

Elderberry has been known as a medicinal plant since the middle ages when they believed it could preserve health and lengthen one’s life. According to research, the whole plant had been used for treating everything from pain and fevers to toothaches and skin conditions.

The berry grows on a shrub, sometimes called an elderberry tree and in its raw form, is actually poisonous and should be cooked to be eaten safely or taken as a commercial vitamin. Today elderberry is known more for fighting colds and comes in a variety of forms such as liquids, capsules and gummies.

Packed with antioxidants, elderberries have a variety of nutritional benefits. They are:

High in vitamin C.
► A good source of flavonoids.
► High in fiber.
► High in antioxidants.

According to several small studies, taking elderberry has been shown to lessen the symptoms of colds including headaches, fever, muscle aches, and congestion.

Although additional research is still needed, other reported benefits of elderberry include:

► Possible support of the immune system
► Fighting harmful bacteria
► Protection against UV rays
► May help fight some illnesses

Although there have been few studies on the benefits of elderberries, many medical professionals believe that with continued research, they will be able to prove at least some of them. The antioxidant properties alone make it something to consider. Elderberries come in the form of jellies, jams, and juices as well as supplements. With so many ways to consume it, it’s easy to add to a dietary routine.


Maria Pease 

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Maria Pease is a freelance health & wellness content writer based in Southport, North Carolina. She has written about health & wellness for more than twenty-five years and has partnered with a variety of companies doing the most amazing work. She loves being able to write about health topics that can change lives for the better.