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Mood Boosting

Mood Boosting

As humans with the capacity to experience a myriad of emotions, it’s normal for us to find ourselves in slumps or experiencing a low mood from time to time. When you find yourself confronted by a bad day, here are some mood boosting tips to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes trying to fight a bad mood may in fact make the mood worse or prolong the feelings. We need time to fully feel the feels and accept our present mood. Although it isn’t pleasant, letting ourselves sit with our bad mood and be present with it may help it to pass by more quickly. Remember, moods and feelings eventually pass on their own and no mood stays with us indefinitely.


  • Give some time to process and explore what could be causing the bad mood. Was there an interaction with a coworker that didn’t go as planned? Did something unfair happen to you? The bad mood may be indicating that something wrong happened and the situation may need your attention. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to be more assertive (key word assertive, not aggressive) or to try and work through a conflictual situation.


  • Make a list of your positive qualities. Oftentimes we find ourselves in a negative mood due to factors beyond our control or unfavorable circumstances that we encounter. Making a list of qualities that we inherently possess can help us stay grounded in who we are and what makes us great, regardless of what’s going on around us. Ask supportive friends to chime in on the list. Post the list in a place that is easily noticeable or accessible such as on your bathroom mirror.

  • Spend time with people who are supportive and encouraging. For many of us, feeling low means isolating ourselves from others. While you may feel like you’re doing others a service by keeping them away from you and your grumpy self, social interaction has mood boosting powers. Externalizing our feelings and talking to others about what we’re experiencing can also help to improve our moods.
  • Find opportunities to give back to others. Volunteerism is one of the best ways to improve a declining mood. Research non-profits or particular causes that speak to you or align with your value system.

Jessica Young,


Health is wealth”, a mantra Jessica’s mother regularly repeated throughout her childhood. Jessica values achieving balance and wholeness in both arenas of mental and physical health. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a practicing mental health therapist, Jessica promotes healthy living, self-care, mindfulness, and above all, kindness towards self.