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Protecting Your Skin from the Cold

Protecting Your Skin from the Cold: Tips for Smoother Skin this Winter

Our skin’s primary job is to protect our bodies from both chemical and environmental exposure, but when it’s compromised in some way, it’s ability to protect us is diminished. In order to make sure the barrier is not compromised, we need to make sure we keep our skin healthy, especially during the cold winter months.

Whether you’re a fan of the cold winter weather or not, there is no doubt it can take a toll, especially on our skin. The combination of cold winds and low moisture in the air make it hard to escape chapped, dry skin that can become even more painful if you already suffer from a skin condition.

Tips for Keeping Skin Moist

Preparing your skin for colder weather doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep in mind that the goal is to avoid things that draw moisture from the body while making some small changes in your routine to allow the body to keep moisture in.

According to NYC dermatologist, Doris Day, MD, making the change from a lotion to a cream moisturizer will provide more protection. Creams tend to be thicker which provide more moisture to the skin. Experts agree that ingredients such as mineral oil, linoleic acid, and petrolatum work best to prevent the loss of moisture.

Drinking plenty of water will help to keep the skin hydrated from the inside. It can be tough to drink water during the colder months, so keep it room temperature and add a slice of lemon.

Most of us don’t realize that keeping our home too warm reduces the moisture in the air and makes our skin even more irritated. Lowering your thermostat can help reduce itching.

Hot baths and showers are damaging to the skin. Dr. Barbara Gilchrest, Harvard Medical School’s senior lecturer on dermatology, suggests opting for cooler water to protect the skin.

Moisturizing directly after getting out of a shower when skin is damp can help to seal in moisture and applying throughout the day will continue to keep skin feeling soft.

Our skin is something that most of us probably take for granted, and as the biggest organ in our bodies, it has a big job. Of course, cold weather can be just brutal on it if we don’t give it the proper attention, and honestly, it’s not all that hard to do. A little planning and a few extra minutes during our day is all it takes to keep our skin looking and feeling its best. Isn’t it worth it to make the winter months a bit less painful?


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