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Should You be Worried About Brain Health?

Should You be Worried About Brain Health? How Lifestyle Factors Impact the Brain

Over the years, there have been a number of studies about brain health and whether we actually have any control over it, or is it simply left to heredity? It turns out that although heredity and age do have a big impact, all is not lost for those of us who don’t want to leave it to chance.

Lifestyle choices play an important role in keeping our brains sharp as we age. Increasing evidence from a variety of studies concerning brain health tells us that our choices play a big role.

Important Factors for Keeping the Brain Sharp

One of the best things we can do for our brain is to exercise. I’m not talking about puzzles or crosswords (yet!), but actual physical activity like long walks, running, bicycling or swimming. In order to be effective, it needs to be a consistent practice as part of a healthy lifestyle. Thirty to sixty minutes daily is what the experts say offers optimal benefit, but any movement is better than none.

Another important choice comes down to eating a diet high in nutrient-dense foods such as dark leafy greens, deep colored fruits and making sure to get the correct amount of nutrients for health which may include adding supplements.

Training your brain is another important factor in brain health. Whether you enjoy crosswords, sudoku, reading or game night with friends, activities that make you think will keep you mentally challenged and sharp.

Getting enough sleep is vital for all of us because it is a restorative time for the body and brain. If you’ve ever had a bad night sleep, you know how tough it can be to do the simplest tasks. Making sure to get enough can go a long way in not only brain health, but overall health.

Setting goals and working to reach them is also beneficial in keeping your brain active. Starting a small business, learning a language and traveling are all ways to keep an active mind.

Trying new things that you’ve never done before such as skydiving or joining a gym can keep you connected to others and focused on improvement which keeps the brain healthy.

Brain health is a complicated subject but what we can do for ourselves is pretty simple. Train your brain, feed it plenty of high nutrient foods, spend time with fun, positive people and play games. Now, that doesn’t seem so complicated.


Maria Pease 

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Maria Pease is a freelance health & wellness content writer based in Southport, North Carolina. She has written about health & wellness for more than twenty-five years and has partnered with a variety of companies doing the most amazing work. She loves being able to write about health topics that can change lives for the better.