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Purified & Clear Omega 3 Fish Oil

It is well-known that the American diet includes a lot of the bad fats, known as omega-6 fatty acids that are found in vegetable cooking oils, fried and junk foods. We don’t consume enough of the good fats, known as omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential in promoting general health. And in particular, omega-3’s are excellent at promoting heart, eye, joint, and brain health.

Doctor’s Best is proud to announce the introduction of Purified & Clear Omega 3 Fish Oil to the Doctor’s Best product line. It is sustainably-sourced 100% anchovy oil, high in DHA and EPA, cholesterol free and non-GMO. It is also gluten free, is clear and purified.

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Doctor’s Best Purified & Clear Omega 3 Fish Oil contains certified pure Southern Pacific Anchovy oil, which is produced by a patented, state-of-the-art filtration process, resulting in a very low TOTOX value (indicator of marine oil freshness). The lower of TOTOX value, the higher the quality of the oil. The light color is also as indication of its purity.* This sustainablysourced clear omega 3 fish oil from Golden Omega has full traceability of its high purity and quality, and contains a minimum of 800mg EPA and 400mg DHA per serving to support the heart, eye, brain and joint health.*


• Helps support eye and brain health*

• Helps support cardiovascular health*

• Helps support joint health*


• Non-GMO

• Gluten Free

• Sustainably-Sourced

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