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What is CoQ10?

What is CoQ10?
CoQ10 is an endogenously produced co-enzyme which can be found in every cell in your body. CoQ10’s ubiquity is a good thing because it plays a vital role in mitochondrial energy production; it is involved in nearly all cellular energy production in your body. CoQ10’s activity in every tissue means it is able to provide a broad range of benefits including skin and brain health, however CoQ10’s most important benefits may be its effect on heart health. 

Why is CoQ10 Important?
The heart is a muscle which is always working and thus has a constant demand for energy. CoQ10 is a key component in the production of energy and has a protective effect on tissue which allows it to have a profound role in maintaining on heart health. When CoQ10 levels decline then the energy management becomes less efficient, this is evidenced by studies which show a correlation between declining levels of CoQ10 and heart failure. Consequently, CoQ10 has been demonstrated to be a safe therapy for individuals recovering from heart failure or certain heart surgeries. 

What Does CoQ10 Do?
Increasing CoQ10 levels has also been shown to improve other factors of heart health such as reducing vascular inflammation and decreasing C-reactive protein. CoQ10 supplementation has also been shown to improve oxygen utilization and endothelial function (an important factor in heart health) among individuals with diagnosed coronary artery disease. Increasing CoQ10 levels may also improve heart health through a decrease in blood pressure.