Eye Health

Our eyes deserve special attention, particularly because diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and diabetes often do their damage silently. That makes regular checkups a must, but you can also help maintain your sight by eating right and supporting your eyes with supplements. This is especially true for AMD, which attacks the part of the eye responsible for detailed central vision. Two large-scale studies found that taking high doses of antioxidants—including lutein and zeaxanthin—may promote macular health.*

Doctor’s Best offers a number of supplement solutions with these ingredients to maintain healthy visual function and support macular pigment density.*


Astaxanthin 6mg (Veggie Softgels)

Lutein 10mg with OptiLut Lutein

Lutein Gummies

Lutein with FloraGLO

Lutein with Lutemax

Natural Vision Enhancers

Purified & Clear Omega-3 Fish Oil