A Message from the Doctor's Best Team

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving...

...to all our Doctor’s Best followers and partners in the quest for better health.

This is a wonderful time of year in which we all gather together with our friends and family enjoying what is important in our lives. Happiness and good health are critical to well-being, and here at Doctor’s Best, we strive every day to deliver exceptional science based quality products, that in some way help improve your health and benefit your lives. 

Let me take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Bill Damiano, and I am the National Sales Manager here at Doctor’s Best. I am privileged to be part of an incredible team dedicated to bringing you, our consumers and partners in health, the best in Science-Based Nutrition. Over the coming issues, you will get to hear from other key members of our team with respect to their different functions within the organization, and you will hopefully come to discover the care and dedication that Doctor’s Best puts into each and every ingredient and bottle we produce.

As consumers, we are challenged with understanding the quality of ingredients for items we purchase. Products like meats and fish do not always clearly state what hormones were used, the known source of supply, or what pesticides were used in the treatment of our fruits and vegetables. We continue to make progress as government agencies mandate suppliers to be more informative with ingredient disclosure; meat and fish are being labeled with known sources and feeds used; and pesticides are being better monitored with our produce supply. The USDA actively monitors pesticide usage and is reporting a decline in usage. The USDA has also enacted labeling policies on Meat and Fish to require dating, feed, nutritional information, as well as the source of the product. Many consumers have also taken the initiative to improve their health by reducing or eliminating tobacco use along with alcohol intake. Recent articles in “U.S. News” shows a steady decline in alcohol use among both adults and teens while “CBS News” is reporting continued declines in tobacco use among all user groups. Clearly consumers care about their health and are actively seeking products and lifestyle changes that improve their lives.

Doctor ’s Best has always believed in being open and transparent with our high quality branded ingredients, along with the clinical data to support our health claims. The majority of our products are NonGMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, and all product attributes are clearly stated on the bottle. We further provide many avenues to research our ingredients and health claims. While many brands have discarded their QR code, we proudly place the QR symbol on the front of our bottles, inviting you to research and learn. Also, our website provides a learning section that has the clinical & science based data readily accessible for review. Our branded ingredient suppliers are prominently listed so you can use our products with confidence, knowing the ingredient source and quality in every bottle. We strive to deliver the best supplement products for your health needs!

We work as one team dedicated to delivering the best Science-Based Nutrition products on the market. We do not view ourselves as sellers of supplements, but as providers of quality products, with transparent information that allows our consumers to make an informed decision on what is best for their personal health.

From all of us at Doctor’s Best, we wish you and your family’s happiness and good health this holiday season.