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New research emerges year after year, yielding groundbreaking information.

When it does, our team is ready and waiting to use it to better serve you. We reference published works from leading nutritional experts and study clinical findings to determine the composition of our products.

It doesn’t stop there. We then partner with top-rated manufacturers, each sharing our respect for science and dedication to producing superior supplements. From concept to capsule, we rely on research to lead the way. From assessment to fulfillment, our partners play an integral role in our ability to serve the nutritional needs of families around the globe.

Nutrition Science

Just like biology, chemistry and physics, nutrition is a science. Most nutrition researchers approach their studies with one common goal: to determine which nutrients we should consume and how much. We study clinical findings to determine the most effective way for you to thrive.


A Global Focus

Making a global impact starts with having a global mindset. We partner with the world’s best manufacturers, each of which goes through rigorous qualification measures that help us ensure each and every product we sell is of the highest quality.


Pure and Powerful CoQ10

Our vendors and manufacturers are essential to the development of the purest, most effective nutritional supplements and sometimes, our ingredients come from in-house. Doctor’s Best is owned by the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of CoQ10 — providing our team with cutting edge technology and developments to bring you the most advanced CoQ10 available. Join the millions of satisfied customers that have made Doctor’s Best their first choice for this cardiovascular powerplayer.

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