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Every ingredient we source has been cultivated, studied and developed to its fullest potential.

We use trademarked, branded ingredients in our products to deliver results consistent with the latest research. These name brand ingredients are a guarantee that the quality of our products never wavers and serve as a seal of approval. Even better, we don’t just check the quality of the raw materials, we test the finished product as well. It’s added assurance that you’ll never find substitutes in our products. We put the work in to ensure our products’ efficacy. No compromises, just results.

Better Together

We partner with an esteemed list of manufacturers who share our beliefs and produce high quality ingredients. We place our trust in them to bring you the best.


Knowledge is Power

Our branded ingredients are clinically-proven and we pride ourselves on staying current on the latest research. In fact, every product is backed by research. We believe it’s the most powerful tool.


Think Globally

There is no destination too far for us to seek out high quality ingredients. Our partners that dot the globe help us help you.