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Whether you're looking to stay mentally sharp and focused on the job or improve your memory as you age, Doctor’s Best's science-based supplements give the b...

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NEWSLETTER ARTICLESIron Supplements Are Not Created EqualThe World Health Organization says iron deficiency affects over 30 percent of the world’s population.Co...

Doctor’s Best Introduces High Absorption Magnesium Powder

…Magnesium Powder to its dietary supplement line. Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium Powder with TRAACS® 100% Chelated is a patented, organic form of bioavailable magnesium. It is not buffered and more absorbable than magnesium oxide.* Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral that is required for optimal function of the cardiovascular…

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From the CEOWelcome to the new Doctor's Best Newsletter.Hello, my name is Gale Bensussen, and I became the CEO of Doctor’s Best in 2015. I have been in th...