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Promote Healthy Habits

Kids look to the grown ups to teach them life lessons and good habits. What better habit to instill than to prioritize health? Establish a supplement routine and you’ll impart solid wisdom that will keep them healthy longer. Our kids line features fun flavors that make vitamins a treat, not a task, to support growing bodies and minds.

Help Your Kiddos Blossom

With growth comes important developmental milestones, and we want to be there to help support you and your children every step of the way. Our supplements can help support immunity, bone development, increase sleep quality, promote clear vision and a healthy heart. You can trust us to provide your kiddos with the full benefits of science-based nutrition. For those with picky eaters, not to worry: our products are kid-tasted and approved! 

Sunshine State

You’ve likely seen Vitamin D deficiencies appear in headlines. This is a hot topic among modern parents, with many concerned about their kiddos getting adequate amounts of the “sunshine vitamin.” Our Doc’s Kids Vitamin D3 gummies provide them with the nutrients they need to grow strong bones and teeth.


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"This excellent kids vitamin comes in three flavors: peach, strawberry and mango. It tastes really delicious, just like good gummy candy. My son loves it so much I have to keep them out of reach because he thinks they are gummy candy. Thanks to the amazing child proof lid, he can’t open them by himself. I really recommend it."

Reviewed in the United States on July 29,

"I think a good sign of a kid's vitamin is if they will eat them. These definitely fit the bill. I have heard no complaints from my two kids when I give them these gummies to eat. They quickly devour them and ask for more. It is always a win when you can find vitamins that the kids love."

Reviewed in the United States on September 22,

"What better way to get your kiddos to take their vitamins than in gummy form? It’s like being allowed to have candy for breakfast. You almost feel like you’re breaking the rules when you eat these. These contain all of the essential vitamins that your kids need to stay healthy and grow strong. Don’t deprive your child, let them take their vitamins. I would definitely recommend these."

Reviewed in the United States on August 9,

"My kiddos do not even know they are taking "vitamins," they think it’s a delicious treat but they are boosting their immune system big time! I tried some myself and WOW they are packed with flavor and don't leave that bitter taste behind! I love these!"

Reviewed in the United States on August 2,
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