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Ultra Cordyceps

60 Veggie Caps DRB-00103

Our timeless remedy.

The boost you need! Our Ultra Cordyceps features pure cultivated Cordyceps sinensis to improve vitality, support your energy needs and increase stamina.* Used for centuries in China, Cordyceps is a well-known adaptogen that is associated with anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties.* This pure formula has long been known as support for the kidneys, lungs, liver and cardiovascular system.* Find your zen with this time-tested, once daily supplement.

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Vegan
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Workout booster! I use it half an hour before intense workout(crossfit) once you start you just keep on going and going. I've noticed faster recovery increased stamina. My recipe take 2(open the capsule pour in glass along with 2 camu camu) mix with warm water, does not taste good. I notice in a lot of different reviews down different products, please remember what type of diet you follow the more junk food you eat the less your body absorbs and about the taste most supplements from natural sources does not taste good, oh well deal with it. Anyway great product, great price I will buy again. Whole food supplements RULE! Thank you Doctor's Best!!!

Reviewed in the United States on June 7,

Good, affordable product. This product gives me a greatly, & gently, needed energy lift in the morning if I don't have enough time to drink my usual pot of coffee. I also like to take another pill in the afternoon to get over the 3pm urge to take a nap since my boss frowns upon sleeping employees.

Reviewed in the United States on March 18,

Good brand of a good supplement. A doctor recommended Cordyceps. Doctors Best is a good quality brand of a good supplement.

Reviewed in the United States on July 22,
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An abundant past.

Ultra Cordyceps from Doctor’s Best features an award-winning strain of cultivated Cordyceps mycelia that has been standardized for consistent potency. This strain has been recognized by the Chinese government for its similarities to wild Cordyceps sinensis, a powerful and rare fungus that grows in the Tibetan Highlands — and has been highly valued for centuries as both a food and a tonic. Our cultivated Cordyceps mycelia contains a minimum level of 8% cordycepic acid (D-mannitol), which is an important bioactive compound and serves as a strong marker of potency.

Suggested Use

Each veggie capsule contains 750 mg of Cordyceps Extract. Take one capsule daily, with or without food.


Doctor's Best products are quality tested and manufactured in the United States using highly qualified cGMP manufacturers and raw material ingredients. Doctor's Best sources raw materials from around the world and ingredients are subject to the intense testing and verification regardless of geography of origin.

Doctor's Best products can be found at vitamin specialty, chain and independent natural product stores across the country, as well as online. We recommend that you use our online Where to Buy store finder to find a store near you or one of our online partners who can ship to you directly.

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